Food business

We provide reliable food to your table.

We seek out superior products from around the world, and plan and develop high quality original products.

In order to supply delicious products that our customers can consume with an inherent sense of safety, we visit the actual production areas, and carefully check that the environment, raw ingredients, and processing methods, etc. comply with our own standards.

We only deliver high quality products that are guaranteed to satisfy our customers.

nakato logo
We enhance our product values to match the requirements of the times.

“nakato”   the brand that values honesty which brings reliability,that offers the quality products made from particular raw
material with a lot of time and effort spent and that provides the culture to enjoy eating occasions.



Carefully selected ingredients are generously included, and much time is spent on the preparation in the same manner as if cooked in a hotel or restaurant kitchen.
We develop products of the highest caliber that cannot easily be experienced with retort-packed foodstuffs.

Azabu-juban Series

“Maison Boire”

​We used selective ingredients and made our best efforts to offer a slightly luxurious hors d'oeuvre for you to enjoy the wine at home.

Maison Boire Series

nakato selection
Fine foods from overseas are introduced together with their culture.

We, by nakato, are introducing the products taking root in world's food culture to the high qualified stores across the country ; such as the organic brand "VILLA BLANCA" from Andalusia, Spain.

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